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Terms and Conditions

Experience Vouchers

• Experiences have a 12 month Validity period from the date of purchase and should be booked in prior to the expiry, failing to do so will insure an extension fee / loss of voucher. 


• Flying Birds of Prey is weather dependent and flying sessions may have to be postponed due to adverse weather conditions such as cold, rain, sleet, snow, wind etc. ( This assessment will be inline with our licensing regulation.)


•*PLEASE NOTE* In the event of bad weather or illness this event may have to be re-scheduled, you will be sent a text message to the mobile number you provided in the case of cancellation.

Please consider this before booking hotels or other overnight accommodation as BB Falconry experiences will not be responsible for hotel cancellation costs.


•BB Falconry Experiences will endeavor where possible a period of 24 hours prior to the event in order to cancel.

It is also the responsibility of the ticket holder to provide a period of 24 hours where possible to cancel any pre booked experiences. 

NOTE : Failure to do so could result in the voucher becoming invalid.


• Birds of Prey are living creatures and, like all living things suffer from ill health etc.

Flying sessions may be postponed due to these problems/emergencies should they arise.


• Refunds are not available, and flying sessions are selected dates throughout the year.

In the event of cancellation from either party a rearranged date will be booked in.


•It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to ensure that the experience is booked in with the supplier prior to the expiry date.

NOTE : Failure to do so could result in the voucher becoming invalid.


• Spectators are welcome but all will be charged at a price of £10 Per Person, this is to be paid on the day.


• Vouchers must be handed on the day of the experience, failure to produce the voucher could mean losing the right to take part.


• Lost or stolen vouchers should be advised to BB Falconry Experiences immediately.


• Unless an Exclusive Experience is booked flying sessions are not one to one, you will possibly be part of a larger group.(Our groups are a maximum of 8-10 participants)


• Strong footwear and warm clothing should be worn at all times.


• Payment can be Credit/Debit card over the phone or booked via the website,.

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